Social-Impact International

In 2004 the three Founders of the Social-Impact International initiative came together around the core belief that social entrepreneurs play a key role in changing the world. After a comprehensive field study including extensive interviews with many social entrepreneurs, academics, funders, and other experts, Social-Impact International developed a programme that combines mentoring with skills training and access to capacity building and funders. Social-Impact International is a global initiative taking a local approach, and is continually searching for partners and powerful social entrepreneurs.

By June 2006 Social-Impact International had launched its first ever program in Hyderabad, India, and has since worked with over 40 social entrepreneurs from across the country. In 2009, Social-Impact India partnered with Dasra in Mumbai, and now delivers the same curriculum as Dasra Social-Impact.

The Need for Social-Impact

Social-Impact enables social entrepreneurs to sustainably scale their organizations, thereby dramatically accelerating and increasing their impact on some of the most marginalized communities where Social-Impact works.Social entrepreneurship is not a new phenomenon; in the past several years, however, there has been increased attention on these individuals and their power to change the myriad challenges faced by those in poverty the world over.Often non-profit organizations and traditional businesses are unable to meet the needs of the poor, and social entrepreneurs can combine their passionate social missions with business-like discipline and determination to meet these needs in innovative ways.

Scaling Social Entrepreneurship

While most social entrepreneurs start out at the local level in deprived rural or urban communities, very few go on to have an impact at the regional, national, or even global level. This lack of funding in turn means these organizations do not have the capacity to develop a long-term plan and they are caught in a vicious cycle which is difficult to overcome.

Around the world, there is an acute need for social entrepreneurs to be able to sustainably scale their organizations, and while a plethora of training opportunities exist to help private sector entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses, until recently there has been very little in the way of targeted professional development opportunities for social entrepreneurs.