Dasra Social-Impact is not just a professional development program, but a pioneering international network of advisors, mentors, and social entrepreneurs, who help visionary social change makers, build the skills required to operate their organizations at scale.

Each year we take 40 social entrepreneurs through this program, which combines classroom teaching with mentoring, peer-to-peer exchange, networking and funding. We focus on providing participants with the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to develop solid business plans, and tactical execution plans. In addition, they develop a greater understanding of financial options and get an incredible network of relevant contacts.

Dasra Social-Impact was created to solve a fundamental problem: donors want to fund organizations with a clear plan for growth but most non-profit organizations and social businesses are too busy running day-to-day programs to develop effective business plans.

Last year, we were successful in attracting over INR 9 crore of funding to the most high-performing organizations on the course. This effort allowed the organizations to begin executing their growth plans.

Please visit Dasra.org/DSI for more information