Social-Impact International believes that pairing social entrepreneurs with experienced mentors amplifies and complements Social-Impact’s training content. Social-Impact mentors provide coaching, education and expertise to social entrepreneurs enrolled in Social-Impact International’s various programs. The primary focus of this relationship is helping the social entrepreneur achieve his or her goals – from completing a business plan to gaining access to new sources of funding.

Through the exposure to a knowledgeable peer, entrepreneurs gain access to wider professional networks, new perspectives on their enterprises and can enhance their leadership and management skills.

Mentors also benefit from this relationship, as they gain new perspective on some of the important work of social entrepreneurs, and can lend their business and professional acumen to the social sector.

Social-Impact International’s various programs maintain an active roster of engaged, committed and well-informed mentors from a variety of professional backgrounds. Social entrepreneurs are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with at least one mentor, and meet with mentors regularly throughout the year.